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Pannon Equestrian Academy affiliated with the Agricultural Centre of Kaposvár University is an outstanding complex equestrian centre in Hungary. Our unique institution is a proud partner and host of several returning guests not only from Hungary but also from other countries worldwide. The management of Pannon Equestrian Academy is framed by five major activities and development areas responding to future challenges.



Pannon Equestrian Academy is the institution for the theoretical and practical education of students at Kaposvár University (and other universities, if applicable). It has been the national education centre of equestrian professionals for 40 years, and it is an accredited principal training base of the Hungarian Equestrian Federation. The management and organization of training is the responsibility of the Hippotherapy and Hippology Department of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at Kaposvár University. The Bachelor Programme (BSc) (seven semesters) in “Horse breeding and equestrian sports management” was launched in 2014 as a unique university programme in Hungary and even in Europe. The students are offered a considerable amount of lectures and practical training in riding and joint equestrian duties.

In order to further improve the level of education, Pannon Equestrian Academy has been working together with foreign partner institutes such as the Cadre Noir de Saumur (France), Wageningen (the Netherlands), Warendorf (Germany) and with Equestrian Federations (Hungarian Equestrian Federation, Hungarian Riding for the Disabled Federation). The horse-oriented courses of BSc and MSc programmes at the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of Kaposvár University are delivered at the Equestrian Academy.

The following areas of equestrian education are also offered: riding instruction, riding trainer training, special engineering for horse breeding, stud farming, farriering. The Equestrian Academy also provides internship opportunities for the students of Móricz Zsigmond Agricultural Technical High School.


Our relationship with the French National Riding School (Cadre Noir de Saumur) and horse breeding region of Loire provides new opportunities to the Hungarian equestrian sport. This cooperation involves a common equestrian professional education program. Within the framework of this program, the parties have the possibility to learn, try and compare the French and Hungarian methods, syllabuses, management and financing system of equestrian sports.

Long-term aims of the partnership:

  • Improving the quality of the education of equestrian professionals;
  • establishing a common approach to education, quality-control and certification;
  • development and implementation of a standard practical European model;
  • breeding and try-out of horses in sports.


One of the largest indoor riding halls in Central Europe can be found at the Equestrian Academy with an arena size of 70mx30m, with seats for nearly 2,500 people. Not only does the size of the arena, but the quality of the ground meets the needs of both national and international competitors. An area of 27 hectares is available for the fans of eventing. The 7500 sqm high-quality outdoor arena with an all-weather surface, which was refurbished in 2012 and recognized by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), provides a venue for several equestrian shows and other events.

Pannon Equestrian Academy has been hosting prestigious national and international competitions in dressage, show jumping, vaulting and eventing. The Academy organized two FEI World Championships and an FEI European Championship in the discipline of vaulting. The centre has three special, traditional events in every year: Animal Breeding Days which is related to St. Michael’s day; Masters Tournament international jumping competition (with an almost 30-year tradition); Dressage World Cup (since 1988). In addition, we also organize training clinics with foreign coaches.

We regularly host regional, national and international championships, training camps, and the Hungarian Equestrian Federation’s refresher courses. Self-performance examination of several breeds has been taking place at the Pannon Equestrian Academy for decades.


The education of the rising generation of equestrian sports is very important to our institution. To achieve this goal the Equestrian Academy Sports Club was founded where talented young riders are given the opportunity to compete in several disciplines (show jumping, dressage, eventing, vaulting). The athletes of the Sports Club have gained memorable results at national and international competitions. Currently several junior and senior national team members are competing for the Sports Club, including Hungarian Champions and a European Champion.


In addition to the high-performance sport, there is also the possibility for leisure, hobby riding for all ages. Nearly 50 disabled children develop their skills in the context of equestrian and canine therapy at Pannon Equestrian Academy. We have been successfully working together with the development centres and foundations in Kaposvár and in Somogy county. We also provide constant opportunities for shadowing to students at the Faculty of Pedagogy.

In 2010, the General Assembly of Kaposvár honoured Pannon Equestrian Academy with the „For the City of Kaposvár” award, in 2015, the Hungarian Equestrian Federation granted the „For the Hungarian Equestrian Sports Medallion”. These awards attest to the national and international recognition of equestrian sports.